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"Live for the Moment Not the Dream"

I’ve always believed that the key to happiness is to live for the moment. Worrying about the future stops us from enjoying what we have and appreciating the fruits of our labor. I tend to not dwell on the past because it’s something that I can’t change. Whatever mistakes and setbacks that happened in my life, I treat them as lessons learned. I feel that they make me become a better person.

It’s great to have hopes and dreams. I truly believe that we must strive for something that will enhance our lives and others. But sometimes we fall into a trap of living for the dream and forgetting what we have now. There’s too much “forward-looking” going on that we can’t even stop and smell the roses.

It’s just like we’re fast-tracking our lives and avoiding the present. I think we are too caught up in preparing for the future that we simply forget to live in the now. This is a terrible mistake to make especially if you forego spending time with family to do something else to fund the dream, whatever it may be. I believe that being more self-aware can help bring one’s self in the moment.


My philosophy of living for the moment and not the dream is quite similar to the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware of what is going on around you and what you are doing. If you master the art of mindfulness, you will not be overwhelmed with what’s happening.

Everyone of us has the natural ability to be in a state of full awareness, but not everyone knows how to reach this level of being. Meditation is a way to bring awareness to what you are experiencing physically, spiritually, and emotionally. With your senses, thoughts, and emotions, you can reach a point where you focus on the now. It makes you enjoy what is around you and appreciate the things that you are feeling and experiencing in the now.

Don’t Let Go of Your Dreams

Even if you are living in the moment, it doesn’t mean that you have to forego your dreams. I believe that if you learn to live in the moment, you become much more prepared to achieve your dreams. This is because you’ll have a clarity of mind. You know what you want and you know how to get it, but you want to live in the now and worry about the future when it comes. That’s why I travel when I can and enjoy that moment.

I still have dreams that have yet to manifest. I still have milestones to accomplish and achievements to unlock but I don’t spend every waking minute thinking about it. I know they will come, but until that time comes, I would much rather spend each day like it were my last. I will live for the now and enjoy what I have with the people I love.

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