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"Stay Healthy, Sing Better"

Music is a huge part of my life and I am thankful to have been blessed with the ability to sing. Singing comes naturally for me. It’s almost effortless. I guess if you’re passionate about something, even the most difficult thing can be done with ease. I chose singing as a career for that very reason. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”


Even if I don’t consider singing as work, it can take its toll on my body. My voice has a lot of singing mileage, so I really have to take care not just of my voice but also my body.

That’s why I do Pilates!

Some people may find Pilates intimidating. Perhaps it’s because of the apparatus we use called the “reformer”. I don’t blame them because the name does sound like a torture device. Trust me, it’s not. It’s really no different from any resistance training contraption people use in the gym. It literally gives every part of your body a good workout. I feel that it’s a good workout because it combines stretching, balancing, and strength training in one go.

Good for Singing

But the reason why I prefer Pilates more than other fitness programs is that it helps my singing tremendously. You have to trust me on this one. All the breathing, centering,  and strengthening that I do during Pilates help me sing more efficiently.

The breathing techniques used in Pilates are similar to the breathing exercises for singing. It allows me to get the most air into my lungs. It helps my muscles relax. So, you see, I’m hitting two birds with one stone because of Pilates. I’m not only getting a full body workout, but I’m also strengthening my vocal cords. It’s a win-win for me!

Health and Fitness

It may not be obvious, but singers do work pretty long hours, especially when they are a part of a concert tour. The rehearsals can be grueling. I get extremely tired when doing back-to-back shows plus doing promotions and social media. It can really get stressful.

I always make sure to find time to exercise and watch what I eat (although, it’s really hard to resist a slice of pizza or two). My career is important to me and I have to stay healthy and fit if I want to stay in this business for the long haul.

I think self-care is important. We have to be aware of changes in our bodies, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We must know when to stop if our bodies are starting to break down. We need time to relax and recharge so that we can keep doing what we love to do for a very long time.


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