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"Top 10 Reasons Why I Love my Fans."

Fans make or break an artist. Having a fan base can make a real difference in an artist’s career. As a singer, I have fans who support me by going to my shows and listening to my music. They are great morale boosters. They inspire me to do better because I want them to have the time of their lives when I sing on stage.

Celebrities and artists owe part of their success to their fans. Without their support, they wouldn’t be where they are right now. Fans spend time and money because they truly believe in the artists they support. Once a relationship is established, there is mutual respect between the fans and the artists. And this only fortifies the bond between the two.

Although my fans are not yet in the millions, I’m truly lucky to have them. I have interacted with them before and after shows. When they recognize me on the streets, they would greet me and tell me that they loved the show. They’re simply the best fans in the world!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Fans

  1. They say the right things.

When I’m feeling some stage jitters, a little bit of encouragement from the fans would always lift me up. Their applause and cheers are more than enough to gain my confidence back. When I meet them backstage or in the hotel lobby, they compliment me for a great performance. There are things that I love to hear and I truly appreciate them.


  1. They support me in every little way they can.

I have fans that have never seen me perform live, but they have watched my YouTube videos. Even if they can’t be there in Las Vegas, they are doing all these wonderful things for me on social media. They are subscribing to my YouTube channel, liking my videos and photos, sharing the schedule of my concerts, commenting on my posts, and letting others know that I exist.


  1. They watch my live shows.

There are fans who watch my show while they are staying in the hotel I was performing in and there are those who watch my shows every chance they get. I love them to pieces for doing this! To me, it’s proof that they enjoy my performance and they actually believe in my talent.


  1. They genuinely appreciate what I do.

True fans would support me no matter what songs I sing or who I perform with. When I was just starting to impersonate Amy Winehouse, I feared that my performance would not be well-received because, let’s face it, I’m impersonating someone who was extremely brilliant and talented. Nothing can come close to Amy. But when I heard the loud cheers and applause, I knew that I was more than good enough. They truly appreciate my talents.


  1. They are the affirmation that I made the right choice.

Self-doubt sometimes creeps in when it wants to and the “What Ifs” certainly follows. I know I could have done other things, but I chose to sing. Everytime I see fans enjoy my show and have a great time, I knew I made the right choice.


  1. They stalk me on social media.

Fans stalk me in a good way. They want to interact with me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. They want to tell me how great the show was and they wished that I performed in their cities.


  1. They let their hair down in my concerts.

My fans come from different cities across the United States. There are also tourists from other countries who saw me perform and instantly became fans. But no matter where they come from, when the music starts, they just party like there’s no tomorrow. Knowing that they had a fantastic time means a lot to me.


  1. They just make my day better.

Whether I’m feeling down or in high spirits, fans just always make my day better. I don’t have to see them in person to feel this way. Sometimes, I just see them commenting on my Instagram and it would just make my day a little brighter.


  1. They legitimize my existence as an artist.

I feel that in the industry I work in, it’s hard to be recognized without a fan base. But since I have fans who support me through thick and thin, I feel that my existence as an artist becomes real in the eyes of everyone else. This motivates me to do better and put on a great show and perform at a high level every single night.


  1. They love my dog, Mosby!

I love it when my fans treat Mosby as a celebrity. In fact, he is more popular than me! Mosby adds to the bonding experience I have with my fans on social media. When I post a photo of Mosby, the comments section just blows up. I love that my fans love what I love.